Oct 25th, 1952

Hi! Dad & May:

    Dropping you a few lines to leave you know I’m OK, and feeling fine hoping this letter finds you all the same. 

    So you all had snow already back home old winter is coming around fast. We didn’t have any snow yet but we have frosts every night and it gets plenty cold at night and in the morning till about 9: o’clock then it starts warming up it’s not too bad during the day it gets nice and warm. 

    Almost every letter I receive from you, you say you have had a few days off. Don’t tell me the Boss is breaking down and giving you all off once and a while. And for as long as you have worked for them.

    If you think it is plentiful with ringnecks around home you should see them over here it’s just loaded with ringnecks. But there aren’t any rabbits around here or any other game.

    I’m glad to hear Edda is home from the hospital and getting better. And Susan I’ll bet she’s growing like a weed.     

    No I’m not on Bunker Hill any more our Company left that hill quite a few weeks ago. We been on four other hill since then.The whole first Marines Division has been relieved by the fifth Marine Division and at the present time we are back in Battalion reserve and will spend 30 or 40 days in reserve before we go on line again.

    What get me burned up is after all the fighting and dying on Bunker Hill they leave it go again to the goonies. 

    Back here in reserve we got our winter clothing we just about have everything except our Thermal boots. An it sure feel good to have warm clothing to wear. Cause it gets mighty cold over here.

    But they are are Chicken shit as hell back here in reserve. We have to stand rifle inspection just about every day, work digging trench lines, marching and drilling any damn thing to keep us busy. By got they don’t give us time enough off to attend Church Services.

    This morning being Sunday yet we had to stand inspection, while some big wheel inspected us. And it was cold as hell my damn feet almost froze. Then this afternoon we marched about 3 damn miles one way to a place they had set up to hold over here. 

    I don’t see what the hell they are doin over here when they have peace talks. Did you ever hear of fighting a war over prisoners well that is just about what it adds up to.

    The Commies want us to give back the prisoners we captured but Truman has different ideas. He wants more innocent lives taken before he’ll do anything about it. I think if we do give the prisoners back the Commies would start agreeing and signing things least ways that is what the Commies say they will do. 

    Well the rest of the boys are having a pretty good time going to town on their beer ration and they are feeling pretty good.

    Well I have to close my Candle is just about burned up and we have to kiss their ass at supply before they will give us Candles to see to write with.

    OH! Yes Louise tells me Milton had an automobile accident she didn’t say how bad it was nobody got hurt in either of the cars.

     Poor Milton he just can’t get ahead no how. He also shot a deer 5 point buck while him and some of the men he works with were hunting up in the mountains. They are all fine otherwise.

    Will close for now

    Answer soon


Had some pictures taken and as soon as I can have them developed I’ll send you some.

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