Oct 15th, 1952

Hi! Dad & May,

    Just a few lines to leave you know I’m fine hoping this letter will find you all the same. I received the letter you all wrote Sept 30th. and was sure glad to hear from you again. 

    Well are you done extracting honey? Did you get a good crop of honey this year? I guess one of these days, those old walnut trees will fall down all together. They been standing there for a good may years now. It sure would seem funny with them out of the yard. Just like the old weeping willow tree when it fall down and was taken away.

    From what I been hearing they sure are building a lot of houses up through the valley. I won’t recognize old Mahoning valley by the time I get back home. Glad to hear Edda is back home from the hospital and getting better. 

    Yes this is a hell hole of a country over here. I’ll sure be glad when my time is up and I get back to the States again. I only have about 13 to 16 months more to do in the Marines, so maybe by the time I get back to the States it won’t be long before I get discharged that is if they don’t extend me for another year in the Marine Corp. I sure hope that doesn’t happen because when my time is up over here, I’ll have enough of this Marine Corp to last me for a long time.

    As for all the beer we had, its all gone, it didn’t last but a couple days. 

    The weather over here is getting pretty cold nights now. I thought I froze the week or so. The days still get pretty warm. Now that we are back here in the reserve, and will be for the next 30 or 40 days unless something breaks out that they may need some support up on the line. Then we might go up sooner. 

    By the way while we are back here in reserve we will be getting our winter clothing, in fact today they are suppose to give it to us. I sure will be glad. I can use them especially those thermal boots. My damn feet get cold mighty quick. We had a few frosts already not too bad tho.    

    The only thing I don’t like about being back here in the rear is, they have us going on night problems, and training, rifle inspection, and all such bull-shit, but I guess its better than being up on line risking your life. 

    Well I’m running out of things to write about so I’ll close for now. Answer real soon

    Love Marvin

© 2019 Susan Nothstein Grim and Kevin Grim