Oct 1st, 1952

Hi! Dad & May:

    Just a few lines to leave you know I’m fine hoping this letter will find you all the same. Well I’m also back in Korea again, and believe me after the swell time I was having in Japan I sure hated to come back here again.

    How is Darvin getting along in school? Tell him I said he should behave and not get heck from the teacher. 

    I’m sorry to hear about Aunt Edda. I hope she will be better soon and home again. Tell her hello for me when you see her again.

    Yes I seen some action on Bunker Hill and I hope I don’t see any more like that. Didn’t I tell you about that battle we had?

    Yes it still is raining here in Korea. It has rained for a week now and that is a relief. The nights are getting pretty damn cold and it don’t feel good standing watch all wet or going out on patrols soaking wet. We didn’t get our winter clothing yet. But we will when we go back into reserve in a couple weeks. So right now I’m wearing 2 pair pants, and socks during the night. In the daytime it is pretty warm. They don’t give us much rest where we are at. We are on the go about 20 hours a day. We are good if we get 3 or 4 hours sleep then. We are the one Company that ever does any work up on line, the other company’s don’t work like we do. But we have some new officers in our Company and he wants to be gung-ho every thing for the Marine Corp. The last Lieutenant we had was the same way but he didn’t live long he was killed on Bunker Hill.

    They have us going out on patrols every other night and that is risky business going out into enemy territory. Don’t know when the gook could be waiting for us and open fire. If you asked me there is no sense to it. You only invite trouble going on patrols.

    Well I have to close for now I write again as soon as I can. They don’t give us much time to write.

Answer soon

Loving Son


© 2019 Susan Nothstein Grim and Kevin Grim