Camp Pendleton

Oceanside Calif.

May 17, 1952

Dear Dad and Family:


   Just a few lines to leave you all know I received your letter and was glad to hear from you all again. I’m fine and hope this letter will find you all the same, and congratulations on the new addition in the family. By the way how is everybody getting along up at Sobers? How did Clair make out did he have to go to the hospital for an operation again?

    So Mart sold his place he was telling me about it when I was home on leave but he didn’t say where he was going to build another place. Glad to hear the bees came through ok. So school is over for Darvin I guess he is glad. Did he pass?

You want to know if my training’s easy well it ain’t it’s rougher and tougher than before. We have to climb around on the mountains out here up one mountain and down the other with a field pack & they have some pretty steep ones out here too. When we are going up one I can just about reach out and touch the ground. We also are learning about all different kinds of weapons how to dismantle them and clean them also fire them. Boy they sure have some powerful ones. I’ll bet I walked a couple hundred miles already since I’m out here. 

Every school we go to we have to walk 3 or four miles one way to get there. It only rained about 2 times since I’m here. And it gets plenty hot at times but it gets pretty cool at night.

Yes I heard from Milton and Louise since I’m out here in fact they were down last week to see me. I went with them up to Fillmore Calif. with them. Louise has a sister living up there it’s 163 miles from camp. I spend the night there and then they brought me back to camp again. Milton drove me over to a place called the lions farm there they have all the animals they use in the movies. Monkey, lions, tigers and elephant all kinds of animals. And on the way back he drove through Hollywood Calif. I seen where all the movie stars live. If we would of had time to stop off I could of have seen a few movie stars play at one of the theaters, I saw oil wells they have them all over the place even up high in the mountains.

Rows and rows of orange, lemon, and nut trees those kind of nuts that you eat at Christmas time. Boy it sure is beautiful out here in California. And I sure was glad to see Milton, Louise, and Kids. They sure grow a lot since I saw them last. I didn’t think they would know me any more. The minute the car stopped at Louise sister house the kids came running out yelling Hi! Uncle Marvin. Stevie was only a few month old when I left Okla. He sure did like me he kept hanging on me all the time, and saying ‘I know you. You’re uncle Marvin’ and Patsy once she gets started she’ll talk your head off. Jenell sure is a husky kid and solid too I tried to lift her boy she is heavy too. Milton and Louise drove about 850 miles both ways to come and see me.

They moved again they live in Exeter Calif.       Milton E Nothstein

                            R#2 Box 242

                            Exeter, California

I sure hated to get off the car when they brought me back to camp. I also seen another buddy of mine that I used to work with down at the Bethlehem Steel. He is from Palmerton he’s been in about 2 years he enlisted. 

    Well I can’t think of any more to write about so I’ll close.

    Thinking of you all






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