Parris Island

South Carolina

Mar 9th 1952

Hi Pop:

    Just a few lines to leave you know I’m fine except for a slight cold. I hope this weather finds you fine and in good health. How is the weather back home? Is it getting any warmer yet or is it still cold? The weather is getting pretty warm now through out the day, but at night it gets pretty cold.

    I received your box of candy. Thanks it sure hit the spot. Write and tell me how much it cost and I’ll send you the money for it. When you get a chance you can send me another one. I pay you for it. We can’t go to the P.X. here and buy any candy. They’re strict as hell we don’t get much smokes. I think I only smoke about 3 packs since I’m here. I don’t care about the smokes the less I get the better I will feel. But I sure get hungry though. The food here isn’t to bad but they don’t give us enough of it an hour after we eat we are hungry again. And the chicken they feed us don’t taste like chicken if you ask me it is sea gulls because there are enough of them flying around here.

    Well I finally heard from Milton and Louise they didn’t have much to say they’re all ok. Milton said they are about 800 miles from where I’m at.

    I passed another one of my tests, so I will be through boot camp in another 4 weeks and properly on my way home on a 10 day leave unless they send me to another camp before I get my leave. We just moved out to the rifle range yesterday for 3 weeks of rifle shooting and other things. Then one week of getting ready for leave and my orders for my next duty station. I’ll sure be glad to get out of this place. Things are too rough for me.

    How is everybody back home getting along? Meda didn’t have her sale yet did she. I guess she will be taking more with her than she’ll have to sell.

    Well I must close for now.


Ans. soon

Love Marvin

© 2019 Susan Nothstein Grim and Kevin Grim