Parris Island

S. Carolina

Mar 20, 1952


Hi Dad:

    I received your letter and was very glad to hear from you again. I’m fine and hope this letter find you the same. So you all are having sone rough weather up home. You should be down here with me. The weather here during the daytime is like July weather but at night it gets cool. Some days the weather is cold and windy and then it gets hot again. That why there are so many here that have cold. Just about the time mine get better we have a cold snap again and I catch a new one again. But, the weather isn’t as bad as it was when I first came here.

    As for me getting used to my new life, “No!” But I have no choice so I have to do the best I can and sometimes that ain’t good enough. You have to do the almost impossible sometimes and then if you don’t do it right or forget how it is done you get your ass chewed out. They treat you here just like you were a dog the way they Bitch and Curse at you. I’ll be glad when I get the hell out of here. I don’t care if I don’t qualify with the rifle or even pass that test for the PFC. stripe just as long as I leave this place. It would mean a lot though to make those things because it helps show you worked for it, and they start treating you like a human being again.

    I sure hope Lindy don’t get put in the Marines if he passes it sure will be rough on him because he can’t read or write or learn anything. If they do put him in the Marines he will probably serve his two years in Boot Camp instead of 8 weeks. For me times it looks me kind of bad for me if I’ll be out of here in 8 weeks because they expect too much out of a person. You have to learn things in too short a time. They used to have 14 weeks of training in boot camp but because there are so many men coming in they cut it down to eight weeks and how the heck are you going to learn everything they tell you and what you do the few times that we do it.

    Boy I sure would like to be home when Meda has her sale. I can just see her running around telling the auctioneer what to sell and what not to sell.

    No Milton isn’t back in Oklahoma he is still in Calif. but I guess it is only 800 miles from where he is to where I am Louise said that they might come and see me. But I told them that I might get sent out there to Calif to that Marine Base Camp Pendleton Oceanside Calif that is only 500 miles from where they are living at now.

    I received your first box of candy with the Milky Ways and Fig bars. I also received your second one with the Hershey bars. I got one of Mary Rex a few days ago with candy bars and a couple packs of cigarettes. That was sure nice of her to do that. The Candy I get is all right it is crushed or smashed all to heck.

    You want to know how long I’ll be here on Parris Island well if everything goes ok I should be starting home on leave around April 7th. I don’t know where I’ll be sent, it might be Calif. or maybe a camp in North Carolina Camp Lejeune.

    Well I have to close for now it is almost time to hit the rack. (Bed) So Long

Love Marvin

© 2019 Susan Nothstein Grim and Kevin Grim