Parris Island

S. Carolina

Mar 14, ’52

    Dear Dad:

    Just a few lines to leave you know I’m fine and in good health, hoping this letter finds you fine and in the best of health. How is everything back home? I guess the weather is starting to get nice now. The weather here is getting plenty hot now.

    Well today we finished our snapping in with the rifle. Snapping in is learning different ways to hold the rifle in firing it. I think next week we will start in to fire the rifle. Today they had us firing the pistol. Well it won’t be too long before I will be getting my leave.  And I sure will be glad to get out of this darn place. I sure miss my Pontiac. But if I send my money home I can buy myself a new car when I get out. We had some pictures taken tonight for the Marine year book. We also got another haircut tonight around the ears this time not the whole head. The first one we got was so short I couldn’t even get a hold of it with my fingers, its about 5/8 of an inch now, It’s growing slow but sure by the time I get my leave it should be long enough to comb.

    Well I think I close for now. I had guard duty last night and I didn’t get much sleep so I’ll cut this letter short for this time and see if I can sneak some sleep before bed check. Oh by the way I got your box thanks a million.

PS. Answer real soon

Best of wishes

Your son


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