Camp Pendleton, Calif.

June 12, 1952

Thursday Evening


Dear Dad, May and Kids,

    Just a few lines to leave you all know I received your letter and was glad to hear from you all again.

    I’m fine and hope this letter will find you all the same.

    The weather here is still the same it hasn’t changed or has not rained as yet either.     I don’t guess it rains much in California because a lot of the fields out here in California are irrigated. 

    Boy Mart sure is going to town on his new home, at that rate it won’t take long for him to be moving in.

    So the new neighbors have moved in already. I never expected them to move in so quick. They sure must have worked fast on getting the house ready to move in, because it was in a hell of a shape. Do they have any children?

    I wonder how old Meda is making out at her place who at Russels’. Ain’t that where you said he went to stay?

    They sure can’t make up their mind what they want down in Bethlehem. I get a letter every once and a while from the Bethlehem Steel Co. They want to know how I’m doing.

    Yes California sure is beautiful I may make my home out here some day. There is lots of work out here. My training isn’t too rough but it is rough enough. We haven’t too much more training to do yet. I guess we’ll be shipping across soon July 15th I was told. So I guess it’s Korea bound. 

    Boy you sure been planting a lot of things. I sure would like some good home grown food. The stuff they feed us here ain’t worth a damn. They throw anything together just to make a meal. I sure could eat a good pan of fried potatoes that is something we don’t get here. 

    If you think it is hot in the Dairy you should be out here in California than you would say it was hot. Reminds me of the hot furnaces down at the Bethlehem Steel Company.

    Well I guess that is about all I can think of to write about for now, so I’ll close hoping to hear from you all again soon.

    Your Loving



© 2019 Susan Nothstein Grim and Kevin Grim