General John Pope

July 24, 1952


Hi Dad, May & Kids:

    Just a few lines to leave you know I’m fine hoping this letter finds you all the same.

    Well we are out at sea now 4 days already and so far as I know we have traveled 1500 miles and have about 4700 miles more to go before we reach Japan. We’ll go there first before we go to Korea. This letter I’m writing on the ship will be old news by the time you receive it because I won’t be able to mail it till we land in Japan. Because they haven’t any method for sending mail from the ship out at sea. So any thing I write about is while I’m on the ship. 

    There is over 3000 Marines on this ship some army and air corp fellows also quite a few Officers. And they claim they can load 7000 on board this ship. I don’t know where they will put them. Its filled up now already and they haven’t got that many on. The food is pretty good that they serve. They also have a couple movies one for the officers, one for the Crew and one movie for us fellows. They have a library, a chapel, post exchange where we can get candy, cigarettes and other things we need. 

    Well I don’t know if you know it or not but I received a letter from Stooky he got married I never thought he would be ready to settle down yet. It looks like I’ll have to find myself a woman too when and if I ever get back home. 

    You might be wondering if I got sea sick well I did the second day out threw everything up but my stomach. I feel pretty good now once and a while I get that funny feeling in my stomach. There isn’t any difference from being sea sick than drunk from drinking too much beer same effects you feel like you are going to throw up and at the same time you’re trying to walk straight but can’t because the ship is rocking up and down and from side to side all the time. We have had many who got sea sick but if we hit a storm the shit will fly then every body will be sea sick then.

    Well close for now Love Marvin

    PS. ans. soon

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