Parris Island

South Carolina

Feb 26, 1952

Pvt. Marvin E. Nothstein 1289512

US.M.C. Plt. 128 Company “A”

7th Rec. Tra. BN. M.C.R.D.

Parris Island, South Carolina


Hi Pop:

    Just a few lines to leave you know I’m fine and hope you’re the same. There

isn’t any thing new here only that is raining here again. And when she rains it rains too. We didn’t have many nice days here it was either windy and cold or raining it get so damn damp in these tents when it rains can’t even go any place to get warm. They have diesel oil stoves in the tents but they won’t let us use them only when they say so. Other times we sit in our tents and freeze when we aren’t doing anything else. I was all wet today from marching around. I had wet feet my pants and coat were all wet too and I was cold. They give us a poncho to wear but it only keeps the rain out for a while then it starts soaking through. Boy there are a lot of fellows here who have colds, I have a slight cold myself. There are seven fellows in the tent with me. And every morning we have to sweep and mop the floor. Once a week we have to scrub it with a scrubbing brush. If somebody doesn’t do a good job we have to do every thing over again. There are 76 fellows in our platoon and they are divided up in sevens to each tent.

    I had some of my teeth fixed the other week and the way that dentist was scraping and drilling I thought I’d go through the chair some of these dentists don’t give a damn, boy I’ll be glad when the rest of my teeth are fixed.

    Say Pop how about sending me some candy bars and cookies. We can’t go and buy any here but we can have candy if someone sends it to us. I’ll pay you when I get my first pay. Mom sent me some last week but that is all gone. I sure get hungry for candy. We went to the movies the other night and I had a color boy sneak me in a pint of ice cream. But I had to pay $.50 a pint.

    Well I don’t know much more to write about so I’ll close for now.


Answer soon

Love Marvin

© 2019 Susan Nothstein Grim and Kevin Grim