Parris Island

South Carolina

Feb 23, 1952

Dear Dad, May, and Darvin:

    Just a few lines to leave you all know I received your letter and was glad to hear from you. I am fine and in good health, hoping you all are the same. As for things here there is some easy days and there are some hard rough days.

The weather here isn’t too bad only it rains a lot and get so damp. Otherwise when the sun is shining it is plenty warm, of course it’s still winter down here even if they don’t have any snow but when you have summer back home it will be plenty hot here.

    No I don’t get any chance to go out sightseeing the only place I get to go is to the mess hall to eat, back to the tents or out on the drill field and obstacle course, there we have to run, climb up and down large objects, zigzag in and out of fences, jump across things and a lot of other things.

    Was my clothes all there when you got my suit case?

So Meda is getting ready to have sale, I bet she will never be ready in time.

    Who is wining all the Parcheesi games boy I sure could go for some honey right now. The food we get here is good, but an hour after I eat I so damn hungry I think I’m starving. It don’t fill you up long.

    I haven’t heard from Milton and Louise since I’m here. I wrote them the other week, but I usually have to wait 3 or 4 weeks before she decides to answer.

    Well I think I’ll close for now I have a few more letters to write yet. So Answer soon.




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