Battlefront Korea

Dec 25th, 1952

Hi! Everybody:

    Dropping you all a few lines this Xmas day to leave you know I’m fine and ok. Hoping this letter find you all the same.

    I received your can with the things and they were all in good condition. Thanks a million for the things. I hope you all have a nice xmas. and a good dinner like I had. We had turkey, potatoes, filling, shrimp salad, assorted nuts and candy, pickles & olives, ice cream and peaches, bread, coffee, baloney, liver-wurst, cheese, sure was some feast we had altho it doesn’t seem like Xmas to me we had a tree with lights on it and everything. I didn’t get to see it while it was lighted up.

    I received a letter from Clair Sorber and everybody I sure was glad to hear from the professor for a change.

    Boy these goonies will try anything to get us to give up and go home. They put signs up during the night the other night with pictures and writing on them. One sign had a picture of a Marine kneeling by a cross and writing saying “This might be you Marine quit fighting and go home” and one sign had on “if you value your life and want to see more Xmas go home” there were other signs but I couldn’t see what they had on them. The goonies even serenade us during the night. They play records to try and make us homesick so we quit and go home. They played There is no place like home over and over last night and they done some talking but I couldn’t understand what they were saying they were to far away they had a loud speaker system set up in back of one of the hills in front of us. 

    Are my things ok yet I have stored upstairs? Will close for now we are on the go pretty much night and day.

    So - Long

    Loving Son


PS. answer soon

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