Aug. 28, 1952


Dear Dad, May:

    Just a few lines to leave you all know I’m fine and in pretty good health, I have a slight cold but it isn’t too bad. Well if you think you all are having a lot of rain back home you should be here. I had to stay up on the front lines 3 or 4 days longer, because the roads were so muddy and washed out at some place that the trucks couldn’t get through to bring relief troops up on line to relieve us. We are back in the rear now. We’ll be here for a few day rest and some hot food then we’ll be moving out to the front lines again, it won’t be the same place that we were before. This time we are going on a Hill named Bunker Hill. They are having quite a bit of fighting there right now I think 30 were killed there the other night. By the way I had my first ride on a tank, it is just like riding a wide horse. The mud was so bad that it was all for them to do to get through to bring supplies and food to us. You could hear them a couple miles away grinding through the mud. Boy when I rode on that tank it sounded like a four engine plane taking off from the ground the way it roared. That was a nice picture of the baby. Look just like the pop. 

So you are finely getting the water in the house, boy there is nothing like going to the spigot, turn it on and get water instead of going out to the pump for water every time.

How is the honey business? I sure could eat some honey now. I get tired of eating out of cans. It wouldn’t be so bad if there would be something different, but its the same thing, I eat more baked beans than ever all I would have to do when I run out of ammunition is turn around and gas the enemy. Ha! Ha!

We get a box of C-7 rations every day up on line. There is seven cans in a box and a package of cigarettes, matches, gum, purification tablets, can opener. And in the cans are beef stew, beans, and a few other varieties, crackers, jam, cookies, candy. We get all the candy and cigarettes, writing paper, envelopes, razor blades and a few other things free. There is also a can of different kinds of fruit. We can heat the food in the cans with heat tablets. 

    We didn’t stay long in Japan only a few days to unload some troops, and load some more. It took long for them to unload their gear and load the others gear who got aboard. I had quite a time in Japan. Got some pretty nice lookin Japanese girls over here. 

I didn’t do any fighting yet. I haven’t see any gooks to shoot at either. But I expect  to be seeing a lot of action in the near future the very near future that is. I hope I can get some thing to shoot this time. I guess that won’t be too hard where I’ll be going this time. I hope I be a fortunate this time to come off the line. The only injuries I receive so far was a couple cut fingers opening ration cans. Can’t get no Purple Heart for that. 

We had quite a few guys get Purple Heart Medals this morning in our company. There were a few fellows I know got killed the other night, one I was in training with at Pendleton in California. Boy all you hear around here is fellows talking about how guys and some of their buddies got all shot up, or blown to bits, almost makes me shiver, I haven’t been really scared of any thing yet, I had a few slight scared nothing bad to shake me up. Boy when you sit in the fox hole or stand in a trench at night looking out in the pitch darkness for any signs of the enemy sneaking up, than you hear a slight noise, scares the hell out of you but it usually is rats running around. 

The same night we were relieved from the lines and the other outfit took over the gook pulled an attack on our out post, I think there were about 30 gooks in the attack, I don’t know if there were any casualties as far as I know. Well I must close for now I’m running out of words. 

Hope to hear from you all soon.

Loving Son


© 2019 Susan Nothstein Grim and Kevin Grim