Camp Pendleton

Oceanside, Calif

April 26, 1952


Dear Dad, May:

    Well I guess it is about time I wrote you all I’m sorry I didn’t write sooner but I was on the go pretty much that I didn’t have time to do any writing. I’m fine hoping this letter will find you all the same. I’m also sorry I didn’t get to come out again to see you all before I left to go back to Camp, but I and Stooky were out running around together. I might never get a chance to go out with Stooky again. Well in about 90 days at the most I’ll be shipping out for Korea we were told here that everyone in the Marine Corps are going to have time in over in Korea so I guess I’ll be one of those Marines. Unless something else happens. Boy I’ll telling you there are so damn many things little things that you forget to do or know that they can bust you or even throw you in the brig (jailhouse) They expect too damn much out of a man even the impossible sometimes if you ask me.

    Well Monday I guess we start in training again and this is going to be rougher than boot training, but we have more privileges here and more liberty unless we are to have duty or something. 

    I won’t get any more leave to come home on any more because they are going to get us in shape for Korea. So I may not see old Lehighton anymore maybe not for a long time anyhow.

    They flew us out the Calif. by airplane from South Carolina. We were up about 14000 ft. And did my ears hurt when we landed that was from being up so high. It took us from 7 o’clock in the morning till 10 or 11’ o’clock that night to get here by plane we were in the air all the time except when they landed for gas. 

    PS.                   Will Close for now

    Ans soon        Love Marvin

© 2019 Susan Nothstein Grim and Kevin Grim